It was really hard for me to leave her at first, but the careers are so supportive I quickly saw how positive it is for my daughter...

Jen - mother of little Ava

About Us

Lenah Valley Childcare & Early Learning Centre is owned by Tasmanian Childcare Centres Pty Ltd. a privately owned company operating solely in Tasmania. It is the management’s objective to provide a very high standard of professional Childcare services in the State. The company and staff respect and work closely with the relevant Government departments and the community to ensure their mission is achieved.

Management has accumulated a large amount of experience. Importantly they are “hands on” operators who take personal responsibility for the operations of the Centre and the care of children entrusted to them.

Management’s strong view is that as professional providers of services in the Childcare industry we should involve and utilise the vast experience in care and education offered by the respective Childcare authorities. The authorities are informative and helpful and we encourage parents to contact those areas should they have concerns or require assistance.

Centre Administration


The Centre has Service Approval for ninety six (96) children aged from 6 weeks to school age. Outside School Hours Care such as Before School, After School and Vacation Care services are provided as an extension of our Long Day Care Service Approval.

Assessment and Rating

The centre has been assessed and rated as meeting the National Quality Framework.

Hours of Operation

The Centre is opened Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 6.30pm each week, excluding Public Holidays.

Room Names Ages Numbers
Puggles 6 weeks - 12 months 12
Tassie Devils 1 yr. - 2.5 yrs. 25
Padmelons 2.5 yrs - 4 yrs. 29
Echidna 4-5yrs. 30


Once a new family has accepted a position for their children at the Centre, an Orientation visit will be organised at a time that is agreeable to the family and the Centre. The new family will be given a tour of the Centre and introduced to staff by the Director.

The parent/guardian will speak to the staff of his/her child's group about specific needs and developmental level of their child. The staff will explain the communication methods, routine and programme for the child's group.

The Approved Supervisor(Director) will explain about signing in and out of the Centre, the fee structure, Childcare Benefit funding, location of accounts, how to pay your fees and return of receipts.

Centre Educators


Educators have been chosen for their skills, knowledge and experience within the early childhood field. They are suitably qualified for the position that they undertake and are approved by the appropriate Government Departments.

We look for educators that have suitable qualifications and who show a genuine interest in caring for and educating children. Educators selected must be committed to providing quality care and education and show a true commitment to the children and families within the centre. Whilst we encourage educators to make a long term commitment to their position within the centre, it will be appreciated that changes to the educators in the various rooms are made from time to time. This will enable the variety of strengths, talents and interests that each educator has to contribute to the centre and children’s learning programs to be utilized across the centre. Importantly, children will benefit from this diversity.

We fully support educators through their ongoing learning and training to enhance their professionalism. Educator’s names and positions are placed on display throughout the centre. Educators work in shifts to ensure adequate supervision of the children at all times. Shifts will change periodically to remain fair to all educators and to also allow parents to meet all of their child’s educators.


Contact Details

Lenah Valley Childcare Centre
1 Wilks Road, Lenah Valley, Tas. 7008
p: (03)6228 0927
f: (03)6228 0000
Brighton Childcare Centre
31 Jubilee Ave Brighton Tas 7030
p: (03)6268 0011
f: (03)6268 0017

Information For Parents

Hours of Operation

6.30am till 6.30pm – Monday to Friday
Open 52 weeks of the year
Closed for public holidays

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