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Alison - mother of little Jennifer

Program Outline

philosophy-1At Tasmanian Child Care Centres we believe it is important for all children to be provided with a developmental program based on a variety of documentation techniques and the needs and interests of each child.

The information is collected in various written and photo form and kept in each child’s program file for parents to consult with educators about at any time.

The program will cover all areas of the Early Years Learning Framework. It will also provide all children with a multicultural outlook, anti-bias and spontaneous and self selective play experiences.

We value our parents input into the program and any skills, materials, input they can contribute is more than welcome.

Daily routines are flexible and will be adapted to meet the needs of the children.

Children will transition from their rooms to the next when they show signs of readiness through observations taken and planned experiences participated in.

Educators will talk with parents about the transition and this will be done on a gradual basis.

All permanent educators will contribute to the program through observations, jottings, noticings, planned experiences and evaluations.

Additional Needs children’s programs will be integrated into the daily program and children needing a little extra attention will be catered for. Inclusion Support Workers will help with resources, information and strategies to use in the centre.

All children develop at different ages and stages. All children will be treated with individuality and given the necessary guidance and encouragement to develop their skills or be challenged further.

Contact Details

Lenah Valley Childcare Centre
1 Wilks Road, Lenah Valley, Tas. 7008
p: (03)6228 0927
f: (03)6228 0000
e: info@lenahvalleychildcare.com.au
w: www.lenahvalleychildcare.com.au
Brighton Childcare Centre
31 Jubilee Ave Brighton Tas 7030
p: (03)6268 0011
f: (03)6268 0017
e: brightonchildcare@bigpond.com
w: www.brightonchildcarecentre.com.au

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6.30am till 6.30pm – Monday to Friday
Open 52 weeks of the year
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